Digital WWW are a Virtual Network Operator.

Digital WWW provide end to end business communications solutions for the IT industry to supply to their clients.  Our business approach is built around supporting our the needs of our customers’ clients.

Our route to market is through IT support companies and our business model is built on the following premise:

IT Support companies act as trusted advisor’s to their clients. Therefore it logically follows that they are best placed to recommend on related services such as internet and phone. This becomes even more pertinent as technologies converge and the lines between the IT provider and communications provider become blurred.

Digital WWW help IT companies provide sound advice on business communications to their customers. Importantly, we enable this advice to be turned into a real recurring revenue stream.


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Digital WWW are fully accredited members of the Government Connection Voucher scheme.

This allows customers to claim up to £3,000 back on setup costs for high speed connections.

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